How does it work?


1 - It all start with a photo.

You don't need a professional photo camera, you can shoot beautiful pictures with your smartphone!

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2 - Check if your photo works.

- Use a photo in which the person is close to the camera, without cutting off parts of the person (too close).


- Have the person stand upright; it often looks better than sitting.


 - Check whether nothing is blocking the person in the photo.


 - The brighter, the better. We recommend photos taken outside. Use originals, avoid filters.Photos similar to our examples will work perfectly. All these examples are taken on a mobile phone.


4 - Get creative with titles.

Give your film a main title, tagline or an introduction line. You can have cast names on the poster, and even the crew names at the bottom! Need some help? Drop us a line!


So, are you ready to become the star of your story?


Let's get started!


Your film poster is made by real designers who will deliver a proof of your poster within 48 hours after placing your order.




Still not sure?

We always check your uploaded photo after purchase, and will let you know via e-mail when a photo is not suitable. We will work with you to get the desired result or have the purchase refunded.

Want to read more photo tips? Check out our tips page.

Do you want to know if a photo is suitable before purchasing? Drop us an email with your photo.