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Photo Tips


Do you want to take a photo, or use an existing one, for one of our posters?

Read these tips for best results

1. The higher the resolution, the better. 
However, our photo can be made with a mobile phone, often the rear-facing camera has more megapixels to work with. Please send us photos without (heavy) filters for best results.

2. The subject(s) position and look.
Don't have anything block the subject in the photo. For instance, a plant that is slightly in front of a person is not suitable to cut out and place into a poster. Have the subject(s) stand up rather than sitting down.

2. Make sure the subject(s) are within the edges of your photo.
The closer the subject is to the camera, the higher resolution we can work with. On each product page we let you know what part of the subject has to be within the frame. For instance, we don't always need the full body to be in the picture; for most posters the head and torso will suffice.

3. Photos made with sufficient and good light are cleaner and sharper.
Taking pictures in low light can result in blurry or 'noisy' photos. We cannot remove this completely, hence we recommend taking pictures with sufficient light. We also recommend taking pictures (outside) in daylight.

4. Selfies.
You can also upload selfies, of course. Because the camera is closer to the subject(s), selfies might not be acceptable for all posters (see point 2). Posters that work great with selfies: Perfect Love

5. For group photos; think portrait.
Larger groups might not fit in a poster. Film posters are slim and tall, like a portrait photo. Good to keep in mind is if the group fits within the frame of a portrait photo, without being too far away, we can place it into one of our posters.

6. Portrait mode.
Some mobile phones have the option to blur the background so your subject gets more attention. For instance on Apple's iPhone this is called 'Portrait Mode'. Using this mode is recommended, however, always check your photo for faults; sometimes your device gets confused and blurs out a part of your subject.

Still not sure?
We always check your uploaded photo after purchase, and will let you know via e-mail when a photo is not suitable. We will work with you to get the desired result or have the purchase refunded. Do you want to know if a photo is suitable before purchasing? Drop us an email with your photo.