3 reasons why I love creative and personalized gifts

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Gift giving can be a challenge.  

If you don’t know what to get someone, sure, you can buy them gift cards or vouchers. Though there’s nothing wrong with that, it might not leave much of an impression, let alone show someone you put thought into it. 


If you’re a bit like me, you’d want to give your best friend or significant other a unique gift they won’t easily forget. I love being creative, but often struggle with making time to come up with a brilliant idea and execute it well. 


Let’s take a closer look and talk about why I love giving people personalized gifts. And in addition, why I believe wall art could be a creative and meaningful type of gift.

Giving a unique gift is fun and creative


Throughout the year there are lots of gift-giving occasions. Think about birthdays, Christmas, mother’s, father’s day, Valentine’s day and so on. 

So of course, at one point, a lot of gifts can become a bit general, or even slightly boring.


Coming up with something you’ve created, something personal, makes your gift stand out from the standard “thoughtless” gifts. And it’s a lot of fun!

I always get quite nervous before handing my gift. Not because I think they might not like it but mostly because I’m so eager to see how they react. It’s brilliant. It makes you and the gift-receiver feel good and it creates a great vibe at a party. 


The whole process of making your gift is fun too. You’re basically telling a story. And putting time and effort into it.


It shows you put thought into it.


This doesn’t seem that important at first. But think about the gifts you’ve received so far. I’m sure the one’s you love most or remember best aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones. The ones that are relevant stand out. 


I’m a big fan of cinema. And people around me know this. I love watching movies, or even making them. And a lot of my friends and family share the love for film. I mean, who doesn’t, really? 


Being able to combine movie posters with personalized gifts, for me, is fun and relevant. It's new, and most people I know would love and recognize it.


Creating a film poster for (and about!) someone shows you’ve thought about it. You’ve created a story around this person. Or you’ve shown you remember a moment or anekdote from moments together. 

“I can’t believe you remembered that!”


Perhaps you’ve even used a photo they don’t even remember you taking. Or a photo shot at a very significant moment in his or hers life, put into a new world. 

Choosing a photo by itself shows you’ve put thought and effort into it.

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Treasure the gift. (Put it on the wall!)


Unique, personalized, gifts are often treasured by the recipient. The gift evokes heartwarming memories or highlights a special connection between the two of you. 

What better place to keep and show a unique gift, than by placing it on or against a wall?


I believe wall art is essential in interior decoration. It makes the room look finished and personal. The walls reflect your personality, skills or memories. In many various rooms film posters are often used as decoration. For instance, your favourite movie, or a fan made variant of an existing film (poster) you love. 


Wall decoration can also help you implement, or highlight, the colours of the room. Have certain colours in your palette come back in the decoration on the walls, as well as your furniture and paint.

It might actually tie the room together...

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There’s a good amount of personalized gifts around, for any person and occassion. Using photos of people, or their pets, in gifts has become very popular over the last years. I’ve seen a lot of fun and creative ideas around.


For me, putting someone in a story, as the lead (actor) of a film, is so much fun. The reactions I’ve gotten so far are beyond expectation.


It shows you are creative, you’ve put thought into your gift, while still giving a relevant item for someone to use or showcase. 


And who doesn’t like films? I bet most people love to be portrayed as the hero.


So, say goodbye to boring and start giving personalized gifts! It’s going to change the whole experience of gift giving, and receiving!



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